WePrint 3.2

Access remote or shared printers for mobile devices
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Connect mobile printing assistants and work with shared or remote devices. Check the EuroSmartz Ltd range of products and transform an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone into a regular printer, send data for processing, and control all related operations.

WePrint is intended to allow remote printing from mainly portable devices. The program works as a server and may require installing client apps on the intended devices.In this respect, WePrint automatically initiates the corresponding Windows service, which happens even after rebooting your machine. Regrettably, this product's weakest point is related to the lack of proper documentation, which leaves the user practically guessing what to do.

Luckily, it will not be necessary to interact with the tool very frequently, but, if you do, there will not be much to do for the tool can automatically detect available printers. For this initial setup, there is a very intuitive graphical user interface in which tabs allow navigating the different options. You should be aware that file sharing is enabled by default, so, if you want to prevent possible data thefts, you had better deactivate this option.

All in all, WePrint is an excellent solution if you need to print any kind of documents, images and photos over a distance. The program works smoothly and supports printing on cellular data networks without difficulty. In this respect, there is a button that allows testing the service. The product is free to use and there is also a similar application for Mac.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports shsring sny kind of printer
  • Automstically detects available printers
  • Works on cellular data networks


  • Lack of proper documentation
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